Meet The Nude 2 Rude Girls

Angel is a Delight, so full of energy. Just look at her big beautiful eyes - totally amazing. Angel loves a good night out and can drink most men under the table. Believe me, I tried and failed miserably.

Angel keeps her perfect hour glass figure by going out dancing at clubs in London at the weekends.

She was so much fun to work with we had to get her back for a second photo shoot.

These two are like bombs...explosive!!

Nipple, cunt lip stretching and deep insertions.

We wanted a soft core shoot to start with but they kept asking to tongue each others' cunts. They wanted to fuck each other so badly that we didn't get too many soft photos.

Both enjoyed quite a few glasses of wine. This can be seen in most of their photos. Together they are too much for three men to handle let alone one poor old photographer. Nearly gave me a heart attack.

Cassie Jo comes from Suffolk and was a great laugh to work with.

She did a wicked speculum video even though our special lights' batteries had died.

Cassie Jo has a lovely smile and lovely suckable fuckable tits. She enjoyed spreading her pussy and masturbating. Her Baseball photoset was really fun.

Later she shows her fuck hole in all its glory.

This is probably Emily Cartwright's wierdest shoot.

Nipple, cunt lip stretching and twisting.

Emily used the speculum to the max. She shoved it in deep and even masturbated whilst it was in her fuck hole whilst fucking her butt with a dildo.

Emily's cum juices built up and can be seen on the video. She loved eating her own cunt juices. A real treat for any Speculum lover.

Featuring the one and only Katie Lee.

When I met Katie I knew she would be a great girl to photograph.

She had a lot of great opinions and was an absolute star in her exclusive High Def 1080 HD video.

Katie adapted to each pose perfectly showing off that lovely body of hers. She has an amazing abilty to make her pussy wink and is a great laugh.

Just a real wow. Kaz B is a tiny bundle of joy. Make no mistake from this arty photo that she did everything nude to rude style and beyond. She has such a cute voice and a lovely giggle.

She inserted many things into her pussy including the infamous speculum and even filled her little pussy with water and squirted it out. She also stuck many candles and fingers in her tight firm butt whilst fingering her little pussy hole.

A serious turn on and all in glorious video format. Coming March/April 2007.

Kimberly had just turned 18 when she turned up for this photo and video shoot. She is a real teen and has the perfect tightest bottom we have ever seen.

Boy is this young lady nude and very, very rude. She does so many naughty things that we had to take her off the preview area. She is really getting a major fan base and is now featured on quite a few sites but not doing what she did here. She goes well beyond the speculum and has many hard lesbian videos with Sandie Caine and Kaz B.

Her photos and videos are coming throughout March and April 2007.

Lolly is so dirty.

She had more names to describe her pussy than I have ever heard. We had a competition to see how far she could fire a dildo out of her cunt. I swear it went at least half a meter (2 foot) in the air. This can be witnessed in the video section in the members area.

When this sex beast got hold of a speculum even I was shocked. She was sticking her fingers in the speculum and digging deep into her pussy and then made a meal of licking her cunt juices off her fingers. All of Lolly Badcock's Photos and videos can be accessed in the members area or get some Free Pics Here

When Rose said she was desperate for a pee. She wasn't joking.

When she turned up she had a piss that took over 1 and a half minutes. This was the longest piss I have ever witnessed. She just kept going and going. This video will be uploaded in January.

She later inserted a speculum and opened it to the maximum. I have never ever seen anyone open a speculum so much in their pussy. The video in HD 1080i Hi Definition, to be shown in December, shows her cervix in so much detail you really could not get closer if you tried.

Roxanne is a sultry Russian Babe. I just loved her accent.

She is so petite you could almost carry her under one arm. She has fantastic boobs and the tightest pussy I have seen. She somehow managed to stretch her pussy with the aid of a speculum (photos coming December).

Roxanne is extremely intelligent and I am sure will make a great Doctor one day - well she certainly knows her female anatomy.

These two were not even going to do a photo shoot together.

Roxanne and Sabrina met on set and instantly made a connection. They spent ages checking out each other's breasts. They ended up playing with each other's tits off set checking sizes.

I ended up suggesting an impromptu lesbian shoot and they were really up for it.

These two were like dynamite and I really hope to get them back for a future photo shoot.

Sabrina is just so pretty. From her lovely face to her firm breasts and stomach she has the ideal perfect female form. Sabrina also has a wonderful fun personality and enjoyed a joke or two with us.

Sabrina was perfect on the infinity curve and produced our best photo set to date.

She had great fun playing our vampire hunter with a twist - using a dildo and speculum - she even agreed to do a little video strip tease which was voted to the top 100 of YouTube - until it was banned :-(

Saffron is so bubbly and cute.

She took on board everything Nude2Rude required and we ended up with the best photos ever on our infinity curve - she really played with her boobs and pussy - so much so we ended up with over 400 high quality photos.

Her photos will be coming in January 2007.

Her boobs are amazing and that hour glass figure of hers is perfect. A really nice girl to work with - so much so we must get her back for another photo shoot.

What can you say about the British UK legend Sandie Caine. Well if you think you've seen the best of her you'd be wrong.

Sandie admitted that the shoot she did with Nude2Rude was in her top three ever favourite shoots in her career and you will see why.

This sassy lady does the nasty with Kimberly and Kaz B and we are not talking about your standard hard core lesbian action stuff. Well beyond the norm for Nude2Rude. Many pictures and loads of videos coming over March and April 2007.


Star Dust has a really pretty face and a fit body. She was the first model I photographed. She is charming and generous and knows how to show off her body to the camera.

Like her mate Angel she knows how to drink and certainly could put back a few glasses of wine.

A tiny perfectly packaged body, great mind and personality makes Star Dust one truly great woman. Her and Angel are two of the most honest and caring girls I have ever met and I know this shows in the videos and pictures.